What We Provide Early Childhood

The Early Childhood Learning Unit operates under a long day care license. Marninwarntikura is the approved service provider and is able to cater for 50 children on any day. Children are group according to their developmental needs and are cared for by a team of qualified and trainee educations. Each room has been given a Bunuba language name to reflect the traditional ownership of the land on which the Centre is built.

Throughout the day the staff engage the children in a range of activities from painting and drawing to storytelling, outside play, music workshops and visits to the town and surrounding country. Each child has a portfolio updated on a regular basis. We believe that a child grows strong when their work, achievements and responses to activities, are recorded and reflected through continual documentation. The portfolio system enables us to plan responsive individual learning and development pathways.

  • Winini Room Meaning – emu chick
  • Ages – 0 – 20 months


  • Udu uduk Room Meaning – white faced wallaby
  • Ages – 20 – 36 months


  • Jambila Room Meaning – young barramundi
  • Ages – 36 months +


  • Opening hours
  • Monday – Friday
  • 8.00 – 4.30pm