Vision and Values


harnessing the power of women in our communities to create culturally strong and healthy life-ways.


All of Marninwarntikura’s work is underpinned by the philosophy, Indigenous ways of knowing and doing, We recognise that the journey to recovery and self-determination will only be successful if we incorporate a great, and real appreciation for our cultural traditions and beliefs. We create and structure our working environment and programs around Indigenous knowledge and worldviews. With this guiding us, we focus on achieving the following:

Wellbeing and Safety

We act to create environments of peace, safety and care, free from all forms of violence and abuse, where women and children are supported, nurtured and encouraged in all that they do.

Learning and Empowerment

Education enables our community to reach their potential, and open doors to exciting employment and life choices. We aim to provide an education reflecting our heritage, and cultural values, whilst integrating the knowledge of non-Indigenous societies. Our children – the future leaders, parents, elders and workers – will become resilient and culturally strong for themselves, and their families and communities.

Advocacy and Voice

We advocate, through national and international networks, for the political, cultural and legal rights of women and children. Our advocacy work is always informed by the voices of our community. Through the creation of inclusive and responsive forums, we listen to the women speak honestly and openly of their concerns and hopes. When voices are heard, our rights are recognised, and our dreams are real and meaningful.

Economic Sustainability

The creation of ongoing, varied and culturally sensitive employment opportunities ensures the maintenance of appropriate re – investment into our community infrastructure. We have a strategic and cultural imperative to seek micro business and therapeutic economic opportunities. The financial independence of women and their families, releases our communities from external policies and governance, setting a precedent for community led economic development.

Opportunity and Growth

We are laying the foundations for a future of boundless opportunities, through; the revitalisation of intergenerational care and responsibility; the introduction of comprehensive forms of cross-cultural and knowledge sharing education; the creation of a platform advocating for all our rights; the production of new and culturally vibrant forms of employment. Together, we are growing into a culturally strong and healthy society.