The Legal Unit

The legal unit’s permanent lawyer is Fiona Mason. She deals with referrals from the shelter and provides legal advice and assistants to women, men and families from across the region. Fiona works primarily within the remit of family law, but also deals with legislation to bring about justice within the community as a whole. She listens to and defends anyone who is a victim of, or subject to, various forms of physical and psychological abuse and violence.

While our primary service is to provide legal assistance to victims of domestic violence, a core aspect of the Family Violence Prevention Legal Unit's ( FVPLU) mandate is to present legal education programs. Working to increase community awareness about the devastating impact of domestic violence, with the aim of reducing the incidence of domestic violence, compliments our organisation’s overall strategy for the FVPLU, of a “violence-free society”.

Strengthening existing relationships with local agencies, and building new alliances with service providers assists our holistic approach to addressing the issue of domestic violence. The unit has a robust referral system, both within the organisation and externally, which we regularly review and improve. The FVPLU also works with men’s outreach services and The Department of Corrective Services to ensure the family unit as a whole, is assisted.

The legal unit is a service of violence protection and prevention. It provides violence prevention advice and support, along with enforcing protective legislation and restraining orders. Marninwarntikura looks at the roots of violence and works to understand the processes which fuel the growth of anger and hurt into destructive and devastating forces. By providing legal information, in the right way through appropriate channels, we are empowering our community to say no to violence. We are teaching, both women and men that nobody deserves to feel fear and pain, and all forms of abuse, whether verbal or physical, are against the law.