The Centre

Marninwantikura is divided into three separate areas. Situated between The Baya Gawiy Buga yani Jandu yani u Centre, and the Family Violence and Protection Legal Unit and Women’s Shelter, is our Centre.

The Centre’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO) is June Oscar AO and its Deputy CEO is Emily Carter. It is the place where the board meets to make decisions and develop strategies for Marninwarntikura. This is our welcoming space, where our staff, with the guidance and motivation of June and Emily, have taken on multiple roles of nurture, care and connection. In the Centre the short and long-term logistics, strategies and policies of the organisation are planned and implemented. Meetings are convened with regional, national and international organisations to share and spread our ideas and to learn from others. Social enterprise initiatives are launched and maintained in our busy workshop. Parents and families are engaged and supported through community outreach programs. Outside, the pumpkins, zucchinis, chillies and many other herbs and vegetables grow, and flourish, in the community garden.

Our staff have come together, within the space of this building, to share in the essential day-to-day coordination and running of Marninwarntikura. Their dedication to the organisation, and tireless work, transforms this space into a hub of ideas, activities and fascinating programs.