Test Donation

We are looking for supporters and invite you to join our Friends of Marninwarntikura network. We are working hard to increase our revenue so we can grow our programmes and make sure they are financially sustainable. With our friends support, we can reduce our reliance on government funding and continue designing holistic services according to our communities needs on the ground. All of the donations received by Marninwarntikura go directly to our organisation to support the development and delivery of our programmes and services. 

We are looking for many ways for you to be a part of what we do. Our friends are our best volunteers, advocates and financial supporters. 

We are keen to develop a relationship with out Friends. We know that together we can share our knowledge, hopes and dreams. Together we can build a greater understanding of the remarkable strengths, cultures and resilience of our Indigenous Australians. With our friends by our side, we can stand connected to 60,000 years of Australia's Indigenous culture and history.

Friends of Marninwarntikura who commit to a regular donation or make a once off donation of more than $200 will receive a welcome pack including two DVDs which tell the story of the introduction of alcohol restrictions to Fitzroy Crossing and work that is happening to support families with children who have Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder as well as a 10% discount for any online purchases made through our Social Enterprise Programme.