Our Shared Behaviours

Our Shared Behaviours drive how we work and explain 'how we do things around here'. They are shaped by our Core Values and Guiding Principles

We hold ourselves and each other accountable to working in ways that reflect these behaviours. This is because we know that we will only be able to contribute to our vision of Strengthening the Power of Women and their Families if we are working together. 

How the Shared Behaviours Will be Used
Everyone working at Marninwarntikura is expected to demonstrate the Shared Behaviours, and Managers are committed to leading by example. 

The Shared Behaviours give us a common understanding of what is expected of us. They will be incorporated into our recruitment process, induction for new staff and into our Work and Learning Plans. 

As We Work Together, We...

Inspire Each Other for Positive Change
We always look for opportunities to encourage ourselves and each other to create a positive future. We focus on the collective strength and achievements of Marninwarntikura and the people living in the Fitzroy Valley.

Plan and Communicate
We plan our work and our times as much as possible. We make sure that we let each other and our partners know what is going on. 

Respect and Care for Each Other
We communicate and behave towards each other with respect. We let each other know when we need help and we make sure we are there for each other.

Learn Deeply With and From Each Other
We are curious about each other's ideas and experiences and enjoy developing our knowledge and skills. We listen deeply to each other and continually learn new ways to understand more about the local Fitzroy Valley and Kartiya worlds that we live in.