Our People

Marninwarntikura is an agency integral to the maintenance and development of the rich cultural, social and political fabric of the Fitzroy Valley. Today it is an environment which is actively responsive to women’s concerns. The organisation functions on multiple levels. It provides services and facilities for listening to fears and worries of women, while offering support through counselling and legal advice, to engage women in a process of healing, and protect them from harm. On another level, Marninwarntikura is committed to developing programs that empower women, economically, culturally and politically.

Marninwarntikura, through its creative and innovative leadership and effective advocacy for the rights of women, has brought together a team of dedicated Indigenous and non-indigenous staff. Their various disciplinary skills, experiences and ideas have shaped a centre of ingenuity and creativity. The organisation and its staff are committed to maintaining a resource centre to be a vehicle for change. Its various activities focus on five key areas; Wellbeing and Safety, Learning and Empowerment, Advocacy and Voice, Economic Sustainability and Opportunity and Growth. The staff work to mobilize these areas to bring about positive transformation in the lives of women and the families of the Valley.