Our Management

Marninwarntikura is a not for profit community organisation. Funding for Marninwarntikura’s programs is received from various State and Federal Government departments, philanthropic organisations and donations. As an organisation, we value highly the support we receive from government and other bodies. However, what the organisation has achieved could never have been done by government acting alone. The organisations leadership has had to come from the community. Marninwarntikura, led by the voices of women and in partnership with government and other organisations in the region, has helped our community come together to face our problems and “create a pathway to recovery”.

The organisation is comprised of over 20 permanent staff and a number of other part time and casual employees. The organisational structure of Marninwarntikura – a board of directors made up of women representing the four language groups in the region, powerful and strong local women as the CEO and Deputy CEO and a highly skilled management and staff team – reflects our ideals of community unification and empowerment, and Indigenous led development and cultural change.