Our Goals

Our four goals describe the key things that we are striving to achieve. They are the building blocks we use to realise our vision. Three goals drive the work that we do. One goal describes the sort of organisation we need to become if we are going to be sustainable, effective and viable into the future. 

Our four goals are...

1. Nurturing our children and young people to reach their full potential 
We improve health, well-being and education outcomes for children, young people and their families. We do this by working in partnership with the community and other service providers. 

2. Strengthening families through the journey of healing from inter-generational and early life trauma, grief and loss
We understand the cumulative impacts of the history of dispossession, grief and loss for the peoples of the Fitzroy Valley. This trauma underpins many peoples' daily lives. We provide therapeutic support and embed trauma informed practice throughout our programs and services. 

3. Facilitating participation in economies and activities that enhance well-being
We develop strengths based, sustainable micro enterprises and creative, therapeutic activities that reflect Indigenous ways of knowing and doing. This builds social, emotional and economic well-being.

4. Building a sustainable and enabling organisation
We are an effective learning organisation which supports our people to reach their full potential. We are regarded as an employer of choice for those seeking employment across remote Australia. We have strong, enduring governance and are financially viable into the future.