Our Executive Team

CEO Emily Carter
Emily Carter is a Gooniyandi Kija woman from the central Kimberley region. Emily awoke to the importance of Indigenous political self-determination and governance, while working at the Department of Community Welfare for 17 years in the far north Kimberley. During her time with the Department Emily became acutely aware of both the challenges of Aboriginal people to influence decision makers and policy when they took on positions of regional authority. At the time, local Aboriginal leaders inspired her to understand her own history while advocating for the rights of her people. Coming from a stolen generation background, Emily sought to understand the grief associated with the loss of cultural heritage and the removal from ancestral homelands, which many people continually contend with across the Kimberley. 
Emily moved to Fitzroy Crossing in the late 1990's to reconnect with her heritage and introduce her children to their grandmother. She began managing the Sobering Up Centre and then moved to Nindilingarri Cultural Health Services as a drug and alcohol officer. It was during her time there that she became Chairperson of Marninwarntikura Women's Resource Centre, and invited June Oscar to come on as Chief Executive Officer to restructure the organisation and consolidate its units and programs around its core objective of keeping women safe and advocating for their needs and future aspirations. In 2007, after their remote community of Fitzroy Crossing experienced 13 suicides in 13 months, at MWRC's bi-annual bush meeting, the women of the region called for a restriction on alcohol. Emily took on the position as Deputy Chief Executive Officer at MWRC, and alongside June, they spearheaded a movement, using the power of the Liquor Licensing Act to restrict the sale of full strength take away alcohol in Fitzroy Crossing. Emily continues to work at MWRC engendering collective leadership and action in women across the region to set a precedent for community led development and social reconstruction. 
Deputy CEO Fiona Mason