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In 2013 MWRC established Marnin Studio, a therapeutic arts enterprise that supports women to turn the things they love to do into projects that provide a source of income. The studio combines a strength based, community led, therapeutic approach to empowerment. 

Products from Marnin Studio are contemporary in design but based in the women's deep knowledge of the local environment, culture and community. Artists reflect upon place such as the seasonal movements including the colours, textures, flora and fauna and associated cultural knowledge of what can be eaten, hunted, used as bush medicine, used to care for country, used to preserve or pass on cultural knowledge. 

This knowledge is then transmitted into design, through the support of a culturally sensitive artist in residency program. This process of connecting to country,  provides the opportunity for local women to connect with language, stories and memories. 

Artists create block and screen prints and handmade dyes which are then used to produce a range of exquisite textile designs on silk, cotton, linen and wool.  

‘Within each design lies a conversation of priority, responsibility, family dreams and inspirations, creativity and politics, health and well being” – June Oscar AO 



Major Partner

Prime Minister and Cabinet
Department of Culture and the Arts
The Earthed Foundation
Endota Spa
The Ark Clothing Co

Marnin Studio would like to acknowledge the support of Endota Spa who are donating a percentage of sales from their new COLOUR range to the studio. Endota Spa commissioned Marnin Studio artists April Jones, June Smith, Cherry Smiler and Sharlene Chuguna to create the designs used in the packaging. Visit Endota Spa website for more information and to purchase products:

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