Indigenous Life Ways Learning

“Our aim is to try and assist everyone to gain new insights and understanding about the ‘life ways’ of us as Aboriginal people through a lens of authenticity and engagement. We invite you to open your hearts and minds and journey with us as we investigate “other ways of doing”.
June Oscar, CEO

At the heart of Marninwarntikura’s organisational ethos and philosophy are Indigenous ways of knowing and doing. The research that we are conducting and contributing to, is strengthening our capacity to create and structure programs around Indigenous knowledge and world views.As a regional development organisation, we recognise that the journey to recovery and self-determination will only be successful if we incorporate a great, and real appreciation for our cultural traditions and beliefs. By cultivating a working environment based on two-way knowledge sharing, a meaningful dialogue is emerging between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.
Learning is not only an educational process but it is part of the journey of healing. Engaging in cultural learning today, helps to secure a vibrant future, in which we can ensure the continued transmission of knowledge across generations.

Marninwarntikura has developed cultural induction programs which teach about Australian Indigenous history, trans generational trauma and Indigenous cultural practices and norms. We are engaging both our staff and many non-Indigenous people, regionally and nationally, in Indigenous life ways learning. Such programs are opening channels for communication, in which we can share knowledge and ideas across perceived cultural boundaries. For our Indigenous staff and community, cultural teaching, is a process of revitalising our languages, the knowledge of our country and the stories of our ancestors. We are strengthening our community’s self-worth and belief in the importance of Indigenous cultural heritage and knowledge. Marninwarntikura has shown commitment to Indigenous ways of knowing and doing by creating Baya Gawiy, the early childhood learning unit. We believe that education is fundamental to our existence as a strong and healthy community. For our community to grow and strengthen we must find ways to educate every generation, beginning with the young.