Marninwarntikura has a holistic approach towards all of its community engagement and development work. Over the years the centre has united families on a pathway of social reconstruction. Our vision is to bring about community-wide sustained change and empowerment. All of our units come together to make Marninwarntikura a productive hub of innovative programmes and schemes. 

Marninwarntikura extends over three facilities; The Centre, The Baya Gawiy Buga yani Jandu yani u Centre (Early Childhood Learning Unit and Family Centre), and the Family Violence Prevention Legal Unit. Originally a shelter of safety and refuge, the organisation is now a multi-purpose resource centre. Marninwarntikura produces strategies and programmes with a focus on connecting and caring for the entire community - parents, elders, aunties, uncles and their children. Each unit focuses on different aspects of community engagement and advocacy. Marninwarntikura's vision is to bring everyone together, beginning a journey of societal recovery, while supporting the revitalisation of cultural heritage, languages and inter-generational care and responsibility.