Cherry Smiler


 My name is Cherry Smiler and I live in Ngalingkadji community. My language group is Gooniyandi. I’ve been working on community projects for many years. I learnt how to make screen prints on t-shirts and fabrics in the late 1980s at Bayulu community near Fitzroy Crossing when the teacher at Karrayili Adult Education Centre set up a small workshop. I went on to Ngalapirta School where I worked alongside the teaching staff.

In 2012 I came back to screen printing and I now work at Marnin Studio. I like to work with design and colour, and work with techniques that have stayed with me since my printmaking lessons at Karrayili.

I enjoy coming into the Social Enterprise Studio to work with the rest of the ladies, and share stories and ideas with each other. I feel relaxed when I’M at work in the studio. I hope to see our artwork go out into the wider world and for people to come in and see what we do here.


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