Boab Nuts

Marnin Studio's painted boab nuts are a contemporary interpretation of the traditional art of boab nut carving carried out by men. The Boab Nut Project engages more than 15 women across five language groups who paint colourful designs on boabs that are sold in Melbourne, Sydney and the website.

The wet season and green grass time is known in Bunuba as Girinybalu or Murlurru, when the larrgari trees (boab tree) produces wajarri (fruit) and jawarrjaliny (flowers). The jawarrjaliny are believed to be connected to the lightning and must not be picked. When the wajarri have matured they become hardened and the pulp is dry and can be removed and eaten.  Young larrgari trees can be chopped and the outer bark stripped to access the softer inner bark tissue, which holds moisture and is sucked on during long walks across country away from waterholes.  A contemporary interpretation on the traditional carved boab, the wajarri are painted using patterns and a colour palette unique to the experience of each artist. Each painted boab nut is unique with its own character and story of place.

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