Amanda Smith


My name is Amanda Smith. I live in Bayulu community near Fitzroy Crossing in the Kimberley region of Western Australia. My language group is Gooniyandi.
When I first started at Marninwarntikura, I worked as the coordinator of the Mobile Playgroup and then as the Tenancy Coordinator in the Community Programs Unit. In early 2014 I started working with the women in Marnin Studio learning how to dye scarves, carve textile blocks and print material.
I come here because I feel strong working with all of the other women. When I’m in the studio I feel more confident and when I take my scarves home to dye them together with my nephews, nieces and my only son, we all feel more connected. I really like to explain to the customers how I make my scarves and what I use. When I share my stories and see the customers wearing my scarves I feel proud. 

The silk scarves are dyed using natural bush dyes created at Marnin Studio in 2015. These bush dyes are made from plant material such as bark, leaves and mushrooms. The dyes we have created are made from plants including sandalwood, bloodwood, marigold, puff mushroom, mangrove, konkerberry, wild passionfruit, bush vics, white gum and girri.

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